Google Stadia promises more than 120 games in 2020, including 10 exclusives

Google said today that it’s on track to bring more than 120 games to its cloud gaming service Stadia in 2020 and is planning to offer more than 10 Stadia-exclusive games for the first half of the year. That would be a pretty massive jump from the 26 games and one exclusive that are currently available, and all in a little more than a year after the service’s launch, if those projections hold true. Previously, Google had only explicitly confirmed four games for 2020, so this news was much needed to let early adopters know there are a lot more games on the way.

Google also announced other updates rolling out to Stadia over the next three months, including 4K gaming on the web, support for more Android phones (it’s currently only available on Google’s Pixels), wireless gameplay on the web through the Stadia controller (you currently have to plug in a cable), and “further [Google] Assistant functionality” when playing Stadia through a browser.

We’re asking Google for more details — and we’re particularly curious whether any of the new exclusive games are the kind that are only possible with the power of the cloud. The company said in October that it’s building out a few first-party studios to eventually make that a reality.

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